LiveGood Compensation Plan Payout Explained In Detail For Affiliates

I took the time to go over the products and do a detailed explaination of the compensation plan payout for LiveGood here once you watch the video you will have a good understanding of how the commisson compensensation plan payout works for Live Good. If you are new to the business take time to learn it so that why you understand how you get paid because people will ask you.

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Learn why I decided to go with LiveGood after stepping away from MLM and Network Marketing for years! This company brought me back into it because I see the value in having products that are awesome most are USDA Organic Certified and cost less than what you can find at Walmart or GNC people are going nuts right now over this business because it offers so much value and the compensation plan for Live Good is amazing for a low cost business that only is going to cost you a one time fee of 40 dollars and dollars a month so about 50 bucks to get started your first month then 10 dollars a month or you can opt in for the yearly fee of 140 dollars which is what most people do however if money is a little tight you can do the first option and then later pay the remainder of the yearly.

I want you guys to understand this is the best business in MLM history there has never been a MLM or network marketing company that has been able to offer such value for people the products cost anywhere from 9 dollars to around 20 and look at them they are amazingly put together and if you want to share it with people you will not only help them save money to get healthier but you can also make some money but guys this company is saving people money and lots of it. Its very easy to promotoe because of the value it has to offer.

I would also like to add that this company is growing very fast if you don't join it now and tell your people someone else will because of the share value that this company is offering everyone is joining it and you don't wanna miss it because its growing very fast!

Now with that said guys I want you to watch the video learn the LiveGood comp plan and if you are ready to sign up you can sign up with LiveGood and me here

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