Orgain Organic Protein VS LiveGood Protein Powder

orgain protein powder at walmart
orgain protein powder label

Thats the Orgain Protein Powder Label ok the cheapest price I saw online was Amazon ok for 16 dollars on sale thats the sales price normally its like 20 bucks right. Now look at the serving size and look at the vitimain section of the label ok.

Now here is LiveGood Protien Powder label

If you also look at LiveGoods whole label you can see that they do indeed put Organic Hemp Protien in it too!
live good organic protien powder

Ok notice the diffrence you get all your amino acids you get more servings per container and you get a huge list of addtional vitimains and both protien powders are plant based protien. LiveGood protien cost 22.00 dollars for memebers and there is a whole list of other products too but with that said which one would you go with? LiveGoods protien powder I hope not only because it simallar in cost but you are getting more servings per container and you are getting way more nutirants.

You can learn a little more about LiveGoods Protien Powder here and on that page is a link to put in an order for it! Or Buy It And View The Rest Of Their Products Here